A. WHY the ultrasonic humidifier no misiting or little mist?
1)Turn the mist level to a higher setting.
2)Water volume is too low,fill the water tank.
3)Make sure the air inlet on the bottom of the base is not blocked. The humidifier should not be set on carpet olother surfaces that may block the air inlet.
4)Make sure the nozzle is not blocked or clogged.
5)Make sure the humidifier is on a level surface.
6)The water temperature may be too low. Turn the mist level to the highest setting and let the humidifier run fora while, then adiust to the desired setting.
7)Check whether the energy-gathering ring is stuck or installed backwards, clean the energy-gathering ring in the mist tube and install the energy-gathering ring correctly according to the mark on the energy-gathering ring.
8)Check whether there are any traces of corrosion by essential oil on the energy-gathering ring
9) If the water tank or base has been washed with detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining detergent.

B.WHY does the ultrasonic humidifier not work?
1)Plug the humidifier into a working outlet and turn it on.
2)Make sure that the cord is connected to a powered outlet and that the mains voltage corresponds with the voltage indicated on the humidifier.
3)The humidifier will shut down automatically in the event of low water.
4)The adapter is broken.

C.WHY does water leak from the ultrasonic humidifier?
1)Avoid running the humidifier in a room with high relative humidity.
2)Wipe any excess water off the top and bottom of the base.
3)Do not shake the humidifier.
4)Make sure to place the humidifier on a flat, level surface.
5)Check the water tank for leaks. If there are leaks, please contact service@yoginair.com.

D.WHY does the ultrasonic humidifier an unusual smell?
1)If the humidifier is new, unplug and rinse all parts, then place in a cool, dry place for 12 hours.
2)Clean the water tank,mist pipe and energy-gathering ring (Please refer to the product cleaning guide for operation methods).
3)Change water regularly to avoid dirty water accumulation.
4)Clean the aroma pad/box, and change the aroma pad/box.

E.WHY does the ultrasonic humidifier make a loud or unusual noise?
1)Set mist level to a lower setting.
2)Please do not place the humidifier directly on the carpet, as this will easily lead to clogging of the humidifier air inlet holes.
3)The humidifier may malfunction. Please stop using the humidifier and contact service@yoginair.com.

F. WHY the white dust is forming onnearby furniture?
Hard water may deposit a certain of dust: Dusin the air also settles because of added humiditin the room.Use distilled water if it persists.

G. The white dust or mold grows inside the water tank.
1)Clean the water tank and base chamber regularly.
2)It is recommended to use purified water to slow down the growth of mold.
3)Please descale the humidifier regularly. Using purified or distilled water can help prevent the formation of scale.

H.WHY the red light show up?
1)The water tank is out of water, please fill it up.
2)If there is enough water in the water tank, the machine is faulty, please contact service@yoginair.com.