Baby-safe and mom-approved


Baby-safe and mom-approved


Baby-safe and mom-approved


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YOGIN Heavy Fog Humidifier
$29.99 $45.99
YOGIN Heavy Fog Humidifier
No reviews No reviews
YOGIN Nano Atomization humidifier
$28.99 $48.99
YOGIN Nano Atomization humidifier
Rating: 4.14 out of 5 (7)
YOGIN Air Humidifier
$59.98 $78.99
YOGIN Air Humidifier
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (2)
YOGIN Large Capacity Humidifier
$36.99 $58.99
YOGIN Large Capacity Humidifier
Rating: 4.75 out of 5 (4)

Reasons why the humidifier is a year-round staple:

☁️” The organic shape and small size fit seamlessly on my bedside table.”
☁️” My skin feels more supple & hair feels less dry.”
☁️” Air in my home feels much more hydrated.”
☁️” My congestion while sleeping, especially now during pregnancy, has subsided.”
☁️” It’s baby-safe so I can buy one to match his nursery once he’s here.”

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Shawna KayAmazing Humidifier!

I am extremely satisfied with the air humidifier for my large bedroom. The top-fill design makes it incredibly convenient to use and refill, and the 5.5L (1.45Gal) capacity ensures it lasts throughout the night without needing constant refills. The ultrasonic cool mist feature creates a soothing and refreshing atmosphere, helping me breathe easier and promoting a comfortable sleep environment.

A. D. JohnsonNice Unit wish for more details on usage

* Easy to assemble the parts.
* Very nice large display
* The essential oils bottle works pretty good. I could smell the tea tree oil. I will try some others I have.
* Holds a lot of water and it will last through the night in high.

Sra1Love this humidifier!

This humidifier is great! It is so easy to fill with water. The top just comes off and it doesn’t create a mess when refilling. It has several different light colors and then the option to turn the lights off for night. It also has 3 levels of humidity. I have owned several humidifiers and this is my favorite one. Highly recommend!!