YOGIN Large Capacity Humidifier

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  • 💦【2.5L capacity】Say goodbye to dry air and hello to a good night's sleep with the YOGIN Humidifier. With a generous 2.5L water tank, this humidifier provides up to 24 hours of continuous moisture on the low mist setting, so you don't have to worry about constantly refilling it. The humidifier helps alleviate congestion, dry skin, coughing, and dry mouth, helping you sleep comfortably every night.
  • 💤【Quiet&sleep timing modes】the YOGIN humidifier is perfect for those who value peace and quiet, especially babies. With a noise level below 24dB, it runs almost silently, allowing your baby and your family to sleep peacefully throughout the night. In addition, the automatic shutdown function ensures safety, as it automatically shuts down the humidifier when the water runs out, preventing any damage or accidents. With a YOGIN humidifier, you can create a safe and comfortable environment without sacrificing peace and quiet
  • 🌈【Adjustable mist output & night light】Experience a customizable and relaxing atmosphere with our premium humidifier! Choose between 3 different mist settings- low, medium, or large- to fit your personal preferences. Enhance the ambiance of any room with the 7 soft colored lights that change in cycles or can be set to a fixed color.
  • 🧽【2-IN-1 Humidifier and Diffuser】Transform your home environment with our 2-in-1 humidifier and diffuser! Use it as a humidifier to improve air quality, or add your favorite essential oils to create an aromatic atmosphere that enhances your space. The integrated TOP-Fill design with a PP material water tank ensures no risk of leakage and makes cleaning a breeze.
  • 🕙【Outstanding Customer service】At Yogin, we understand the importance of outstanding customer service and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our humidifier. We offer a 2-year warranty for any issues that may arise during this period, including shipping delays, missing parts, or broken pieces. Our customer service team is available around the clock to answer any questions or concerns you may have via phone or message, ensuring that you receive a quick response.



Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to clean, easy to use, no complaints, I love it

I love that you basically pour water in and it's ready to go and produces mist immediately. It's quiet. You can hear that its on, but it kind of sounds soothing like a spa so it's nice (see video). The buttons are easy to press and there are lots of different light colors to choose from, or you can just turn the light off. It has a timer and you can adjust the mist level. This is really a lovely humidifier and I like that the mist is fine and I don't have to worry about water droplets settling near the base.

I see a lot of products, and this is a good one. I have no complaints and love it.

Vanessa Gould
Very Nice Humidifier!

This is a very nice humidifier. It is large enough to last all day, but small enough to place on a counter and not have to worry about it taking up to much space. Set up is very simple-- take it out of box, add water, add oil (if you choose) and turn on. It is very quiet. It does produce a lot of water vapor in the air-- I use this frequently as my children have very sensitive noses-- and get a lot of nose bleeds-- this adds enough moisture in the air to help with that. And adding moisture in our climate to the air-- helps the house feel warmer.
It is very easy to adjust the amount of vapor that is put into the air.
You can also set a timer- to set for a couple of hours or leave it on. If it runs out of water-- it turns off!

Bigger than I thought

Works great! It is larger than I though however it holds a great amount of water so it lasts through the day.

Love this humidifier!

This humidifier is great! It is so easy to fill with water. The top just comes off and it doesn’t create a mess when refilling. It has several different light colors and then the option to turn the lights off for night. It also has 3 levels of humidity. I have owned several humidifiers and this is my favorite one. Highly recommend!!